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With cost no longer being such a barrier to uptake, dental veneers in Australia have now eclipsed the demand for dental veneers Thailand. Let’s take a look at why you don’t need to jet off to Thailand for your next cosmetic dentistry procedure.


What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shells that are fitted over the front of your teeth. They act as an aesthetic cover, and they can be used to conceal imperfections in the teeth and to correct minor issues such as

  • Worn, cracked or chipped tooth enamel
  • Tooth staining or discolouration
  • Uneven spaces between teeth or a gappy smile

Dental veneers can be used to improve the appearance of the teeth including changing the size, shape and colour. They are commonly used on the front four or six teeth, to make the smile more aesthetically pleasing. Very well made veneers look natural and shouldn’t stand out from the other teeth in your mouth, right down to the way that they diffuse light.


Why Did Dental Veneers In Thailand Become So Popular?

Many years ago dental veneers, like many other cosmetic dentistry procedures, were very expensive, and people simply couldn’t afford to pay local prices, making clinics and dentists in Phuket, Bangkok, Thailand and Bali so attractive and popular. Today the cost of dental veneers has made them more affordable, thanks to advances in dental technology. Consumers also have the option of composite veneers in addition to porcelain so Thailand can remain a holiday destination. 

What Can You Expect When You Get Veneers?

The entire veneer procedure will be done under anesthetic, so you do not need to worry about any discomfort. Before your veneers can be affixed to your teeth, your dentist must first remove a thin layer of enamel to accommodate them. Once this is done your dentist will need to take impressions and x-rays so that your new veneers fit perfectly into your mouth.

Your new porcelain veneers will be ready a week or two later, when you will return to your dentist for your fitting. Your dentist will etch the surface of your teeth, to make it easier for the veneer to stick to, before applying a bonding agent or cement. Then a laser or light beam will be shone onto the veneer to help it bond faster.

You might experience some tooth sensitivity after the anesthetic wears off but this should disappear relatively soon after the procedure. It is important to maintain a high standard of dental hygiene, including twice daily brushing and flossing as well as visits to your dentist every six months.


What Is The Price Of Dental Veneers?

The average price of dental veneers depends on factors like whether you are having composite or porcelain and how many veneers you will have placed. According to you can expect to pay on average $1,963 per tooth for porcelain veneers, and around $880 per tooth for composite veneers. This is more affordable than return flights, hotels and activities in Thailand.

Porcelain does outlast composite veneers and may last for up to 25 years with good dental care. By comparison composite veneers may only last for 5 to 8 years before they need to be replaced. Because they are not as robust, they can be more susceptible to chipping and damage.

Porcelain veneers are also more expensive because they require more than one visit for placement, making them impractical for completion in Bangkok.


Are Veneers A Good Choice For You?

Veneers work best for patients who exercise a high level of dental hygiene and who are in generally good oral and periodontal health. You do also need a certain amount of healthy enamel to be present for veneers to be viable.

Dental veneers in Thailand are no longer necessary, thanks to the options that are currently available in Australia. At Top Health Dental we pride ourselves on offering patients a high level of cosmetic dentistry at affordable prices, meaning there is no need for patients to travel abroad to places like Thailand, for simple cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Dental tourism to Thailand really isn’t worth taking the risk of something going wrong. In the event that something does go wrong, you have a very expensive problem to sort out and are likely to end up paying twice for one procedure.

Are you wondering whether dental veneers Thailand is a cheaper alternative? The only sure way to get an accurate estimate of the costs involved is to have a professional evaluation. Please contact us for an appointment: (02) 8776 3232.