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We understand that dental situations don’t always keep office hours, and we are pleased to offer our patients emergency dental care in Ryde to assist with dental emergencies. If you think you might have a dental emergency and need to know how to get emergency dental care, please call our clinic immediately on (02) 8776 3232 for assistance.

What Is Emergency Dental Care?


The definition of dental emergencies is very broad but typically, if you know you cannot wait for an appointment or sit in a queue to get assistance, you probably need emergency dental care. If you find yourself, or someone close to you, in a dental emergency, rule number one is not to panic.  Dealing with a dental emergency generally requires quick thinking and acting in order to save the tooth, and preparation plays a large role in you being able to do both of these things. Here are some pointers that my help you to manage a dental emergency until your emergency dentist can see you.

Some examples of situations that might warrant emergency dental care include

A knocked out tooth

In the event of a knocked out tooth, the idea is to try and get it into the socket within 30 minutes. Your chances of success are higher if you act quickly but it is sometimes possible to return the tooth to the socket if a longer period of time has passed.  Once you have located the tooth, be sure to hold it at the top and not to touch the roots so as not to damage them. Even if the roots appear dirty don’t be tempted to rub or touch them. Also resist the urge to rinse the roots in water.  If the knocked out tooth is a baby tooth do not attempt to replant it because you run the risk of causing damage to the permanent teeth under the gum. Rather place the tooth in some milk and seek your dentist’s advice.  If you can’t get to the dentist but would like to try and put your tooth back, first rinse it gently with milk. Hold the tooth at the top, and push it gently back into place. Try to hold it in place until you arrive at the dentist.

Trauma to the mouth

If you have experienced a trauma to the mouth, which has resulted in swelling or bleeding first try to stop the bleeding. Applying gentle pressure to the site usually helps to slow down the bleeding as you get to the dentist. Even if you do manage to stop the bleeding, you should have it checked by your dentist, to evaluate the damage.

Very painful toothache

Typically, patients request emergency dental care for a severe toothache when painkillers have not brought them relief. If your tooth pain is not responding to medication or is getting worse you should get to your dentist immediately especially if it presents along with a fever.

An abscess

The biggest tell-tale sign that you have an abscess is the presence of very severe toothache. An abscess needs professional treatment and the sooner you can get dental care, the better.

Broken dentures

Broken dentures will require urgent treatment, in order to have new dentures made. At Top health Dental we prioritise dental emergencies and will be able to assist you with a replacement.

A lost crown or filling

In the event that you do lose a crown or filling, try not to eat or drink while you wait to see a dentist. If you do experience toothache you may need some painkillers until your emergency dentist can see you. The filling or crown will need to be replaced so it is important to keep the area clean and free of any debris, food or bacteria.


What To Do If You Need Emergency Dental Care Afterhours

If your emergency happens in the middle of the night and you cannot reach your emergency dentist it is recommended that you go to the closest hospital or clinic. There you will be stabilised and assisted until your emergency dentist is available.

Do you need emergency dental care in Ryde? Please call our practice now to speak to a professional: (02) 8776 3232.