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Top Health Dental is pleased to offer our patients emergency dental services in Ryde. When you experience a dental emergency, your response time is a critical factor in a successful outcome. Our dentist will prioritise your dental emergency. If you think you have a dental emergency please call (02) 8776 3232 now for our emergency services. If you’d like to find out how to manage an emergency dental situation, read on.

Defining A Dental Emergency

Definitions of a dental emergency are difficult to establish, but ultimately anything that requires urgent dental care is considered an emergency.

Some examples of incidents that might be dental emergencies include excruciating toothache or teeth pain, knocked out teeth, a lost crown or filling or trauma and bleeding from the mouth. Other incidents that may require immediate action include dentures that are broken, swelling in your face and lost fillings.

Emergency Services In Ryde

If you do experience any of these dental incidents, even after hours, it is important that you try to get dental care within the hour.

If there is a chance of you losing a tooth and you do manage to get to our office within an hour, we may be able to save it.

What Should You Do If A Tooth Is Knocked Out?

The best dental advice we can give you to deal with an emergency is not to panic. It is possible to save teeth that have been knocked out if you act quickly. Find the tooth and when you pick it up, be sure not to touch the roots.

You should avoid touching the roots and you should try to keep the tooth moist while you call an emergency dental service. The safest way to do this is by placing it in some milk in a closed container. Avoid putting it in water or on ice.

Don’t be tempted to clean it up or remove anything you see in the roots. If there is dirt or debris in the roots you could rinse it with milk but avoid rinsing with water or antiseptic.

If it is a permanent adult tooth that has been knocked out you can attempt to return the tooth to the socket. Use the other teeth in your mouth to guide you in terms of position and placement. Once you feel that you have got the placement correct, you can bite down onto a cotton swab or cloth.

If you can’t return it to its socket, you should get dental care immediately. Either store the tooth in some milk, or place it in the owner’s mouth, between the gums and cheek. Only do this if you are confident there is no chance of the person swallowing it.  If neither of these options is possible cover the tooth in the owner’s saliva and then with cling film as you make your way to an emergency dentist.

In the event that the knocked-out tooth belonged to a child you should not try to place it in its socket as you could cause damage to the underlying permanent tooth. Rather cover it with milk and head to your dentist immediately for professional care.

What Should You Do If You Can’t Reach Your Emergency Dentist?

In the event that you cannot get through to your dentist’s office, you could go to the nearest hospital or clinic for an emergency dental service. Remember that time is a critical factor in saving teeth, and any uncontrolled bleeding needs to be managed as quickly as possible.

Top Health Dental offers emergency dental services after hours, and during the day for urgent cases in Ryde, but our dentists would love to get to know you outside of an emergency situation. Please call our practice to set up an appointment today: (02) 8776 3232.