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Wearing dentures enables you to replace lost or missing teeth, but you’re probably wondering how much do dentures cost with extractions? Of course, the answer to this will be based on whether you need a tooth extraction first and whether you need full or partial dentures.


How Much Do Dentures Cost?

The cost of your dentures will be based on the type of dentures you need and the materials that are used to create them.


Partial dentures cost less than full dentures, and acrylic costs less than chrome plated.


The number of extractions you need will also factor in the cost, as well as how complex they are.


If you really do need a ballpark figure before you visit your dental practitioner, cites figures from the National Dental Fee Survey in 2017 :

  • A single denture (i.e. the upper or lower jaw) costs in the region of $2000
  • For a full lower and upper denture this figure increases to around $3870


In terms of a tooth extraction, the same dental survey recommends you budget in the region of $161 and $280 per tooth to be extracted.


When your dentist presents you with a treatment plan and costing, you should enquire whether the figures you have been quoted are fully inclusive or whether any adjustments you might need will be billed separately. It is helpful to just have one figure to work with so you can plan financially and not be surprised by any hidden costs later on.


If you need radiographs this could increase the total cost you are billed.


How Does The Cost Of Dentures Compare To Other Tooth Replacements?

Dentures are considered to be an affordable tooth replacement and are more cost-effective than dental implants. Unlike dental implants, however, you are quite likely to need more than one denture over the course of your life. Find out how often your dentist recommends replacing your dentures.

How Long Will It Take To Make Your Dentures?

You can have temporary dentures fitted on the day your teeth are extracted, as full or partial dentures may take two to three weeks to produce.

It is important to have your final dentures fitted when your mouth has healed completely so tat they fit your mouth’s shape well.

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Is The Price Worth The Investment?

A full set of teeth offers many benefits and wearing dentures can ensure that you feel confident about your smile.


A full set of teeth is also vital for providing facial harmony and structure- when you have missing teeth it can cause the muscles in the face to droop. This may make you look older or drawn, and this too can affect your confidence.


Will My Health Insurance Cover The Cost Of My Dentures?

Many insurance providers will cover at least a portion of the cost of dentures, however it is recommended that you enquire with your provider and check the fine print on your policy before commencing any treatment.


What Is A Denture Reline And How Expensive Is It?

Relining dentures is done in order to ensure they fit better. This is when the under-part is reshaped, and it will need to be done on an occasional basis. This is because some gum shrinkage will occur over time and the original shape of your denture will not fit the new shape of your gums.


Denture relining is usually a quick and inexpensive process but it is a good idea to check this cost with your dentist so you can plan ahead.


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