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Dentures can be a welcome replacement for missing teeth, but you do need to know how to clean dentures properly to keep them in optimal condition. For healthy teeth and gums your dentures should be clean, stain-free and free from bacteria. 

Food that gets stuck to dentures can present a number of problems, including bad breath and inflammation of the tissue in your mouth. If the inflammation is not managed, it can result in the development of mouth sores and gum disease. Furthermore, there is a strong link between poor oral health and chronic medical conditions like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease– not only is oral health important for your teeth, it is important for a healthy body.

As well as doing regular brushing it is recommended that you use a deep cleaning solution to ensure that all food deposits are removed from your dentures. Here are some more tips on cleaning false teeth.


Always Rinse After Eating

Removing and rinsing your dentures after you eat will remove any food particles after a meal. Filling the basin with water will protect your dentures in the event that you drop them.

It is easy for food to get trapped between your palate and upper denture or between the bottom of your mouth and your lower denture. This is because it’s easier for food to stick to the rough surface of your dentures than to the soft tissues in your mouth.

When you wash or handle your dentures, make sure you do so with care. It is easy to bend the plastic clasps if you are not careful.

Brush Your Dentures Every Day

Remember to take your dentures out and clean them gently every day. Soak them before brushing with a soft bristled toothbrush and denture cleaner.

This will ensure that food, plaque, bacteria and other deposits are removed and keep your dentures free of stains.

Clean Your Mouth

A soft bristled toothbrush can be used on your palate, tongue and cheeks. 

While you must not use denture cleaner in your mouth, if you do use denture adhesive be sure to clean the inside of your mouth with a soft brush to remove the adhesive.


Soak Your Dentures Every Night

Moisture is what helps your dentures to retain their unique shape so they must be kept moist overnight. Ask your dentist about the specific care required for your brand of dentures; most can be stored in water or denture solution while you sleep.

The soaking process also ensures the dentures receive a deep clean, and remove any remaining food particles that were not removed through brushing and rinsing. 

Don’t forget to rinse them off before you put them back in your mouth. The denture solution is made from chemicals and it can be harmful if ingested. It should also be thrown out after each use.


Keep Up With Visits To Your Dentist

Find out how often you need to return to see your dentist and stick to the schedule. Your dentures will also need to be examined and professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Your dental practitioner will check on the size and fit and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that they stay comfortable.

Most dentures need to be replaced every five to eight years with good care. Your dentist will inspect your dentures regularly for any signs of wear, and to ensure that the shape still fits your mouth shape. This is particularly important if you have gum shrinkage or bone loss; over time the denture will become too big and need to be replaced.


What Not To Do

Remember that your dentures are quite delicate and they should be handled with care. That means you should not:

Use cleaning substances that are abrasive

Abrasive cleaning substances, toothbrushes and toothpastes can cause damage to your dentures 

Use whitening or bleaching products

Whiteners and bleaches cannot change the colour of denture teeth and can actually weaken the dentures.

Drink very hot or boiling water

Do not place your dentures in hot water or drink very hot beverages while you are wearing them as this can cause them to change shape.


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