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Top Health Dental offers advanced whitening treatments using pola teeth whitening products. This means we can offer our patients the option of in-chair professional bleaching or take-home treatments under the supervision of your friendly dentist.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening For You?

If you would like fast results under professional guidance, Pola office could be the answer you’re looking for. Its fast acting application and high strength bleaching agent can give you a whiter smile in just 30 minutes. This option is ideal if you have a special event coming up and time is a factor.

If you prefer the idea of a gradual whitening treatment that you apply yourself at home, pola day could be the product for you. This option works well if you are not in a hurry and would prefer to do the treatment yourself.

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional treatments mean faster results

When you have a bleaching treatment in the dentist’s chair, your dental practitioner uses a much higher strength bleaching gel containing between 35% and 37.5% hydrogen peroxide. The higher strength gel achieves whitening results in just 30 minutes. It also means your teeth can be lightened by up to eight shades.

In comparison, pola day is available in three different strengths, but they all contain less hydrogen peroxide than Pola’s professional range. Pola day is available in concentrations of 3%, 6%, 7.5% and 9% hydrogen peroxide. These lower strengths are why you are allowed to self administer the treatment, and also why it takes a few more applications to achieve your desired level of whiteness.

Pola is protective

Pola products contain fluoride, in order to protect against tooth sensitivity.

Pola is efficient

Even if you opt for the take-home treatment, you can achieve a whiter smile in just 15 minutes per day.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

A whiter smile is associated with youth and good looks, and have pearly whites makes most people feel more confident about their outward appearance.

Yellow teeth are a side effect of ageing, and something that all of us will go through at some point. When we are young the dentin in our teeth is white. As we get older it starts to turn yellow. This can be enhanced by lifestyle exposures like drinking lots of red wine or coffee, or smoking and chewing tobacco on a regular basis. Other substances like cola and tea, as well as some types of anti-depressant medications can cause the teeth to discolour.

effective teeth whitening treatment

In order to address this, and make the teeth white again, the dentin has to be accessed. This is why professional teeth whitening products are superior to the over-the-counter products available in the market: because they can penetrate the tooth’s enamel.

The Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

Before you can undergo any kind of teeth whitening procedure you need to have a check up and dental clean, and a go ahead from your dental practitioner if you plan to whiten at home. This is because any weaknesses in your teeth, or signs of decay first need to be treated.

If your dentist is satisfied that your teeth and gums are healthy, he or she will clean and polish your teeth to remove the plaque and tartar. You will discuss the shade of white best suited to your needs, and your dentist will advise you whether it can be achieved in one sitting or whether you will need to return for a follow up application.

Depending on how successful your first application is, your dentist may give you a take-home kit for a follow up treatment or for maintenance. Then your gums and soft tissues will be protected.

Your dentist will paint the bleaching gel onto the surface of your teeth. As soon as this happens, the gel splits into oxygen ions and water. The oxygen ions can penetrate the enamel and break up the stained molecules. The molecules are then disposed of via your saliva.

Teeth Whitening At Home

If you decide to do your own whitening, you will need a check up and clean from your dentist first. Based on the current colour of your teeth, and your desired end result, your dentist will decide which strength of bleaching agent is most appropriate.

You will be given trays into which you will dispense some of the bleaching solution, and you will place the trays into your mouth for the designated period of time. Never exceed the wear time recommended by your dentist, as this can lead to tooth sensitivity and damage.

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