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Because a root canal treatment is a major procedure, a certain amount of root canal pain is to be expected. However this pain should improve relatively quickly and is manageable for the majority of patients – especially when compared to the pain that can accompany deep decay or a tooth abscess.  A fear of pain should not deter you from getting root canal treatment. At Top Health Dental we aim to offer our patients comfortable dental experiences, and we take a gentle approach to root canal therapy.


Why Is Root Canal Therapy Performed?

Root canal therapy enables us to save decayed or infected teeth from being extracted when the pulp of your tooth is damaged or decayed. In order to save your tooth, the pulp (which is comprised of blood vessels and nerves) must be removed, and the canal of your tooth must be cleaned before it is sealed.

Damage or infection can be caused by decay, or damage to your tooth structure.

This process of deep cleaning can cause a bit of irritation to the surrounding nerves and gums, so some discomfort can be expected post-procedure.


Should You Be Concerned About Root Canal Treatment Pain?

The good news is that this treatment is a step towards being pain-free. It’s also worth considering that the pain associated with toothache or an abscess is probably more intense than the treatment – and your dentist will use anaesthetic to numb the area during the procedure so you shouldn’t feel anything.

Not having a root canal treatment will result in a more severe infection, and will likely cause you more pain.


Numbing The Area And Medicating Post-Procedure

Your dentist will inject local anaesthetic into the area that the root canal therapy will be performed on, so you can expect a comfortable procedure. You might feel pressure sensations as your dentist gets to work, but these are not painful. Once the anaesthetic starts to wear off, you can expect some sensitivity to return to the area.

You can also expect to take pain relief medication for a day or two afterwards but, as you recover and heal, your pain and discomfort should improve – not get worse.  You should report to your dentist immediately in the event that you do experience any new pain or discomfort, as this could be a sign of a new infection. Sometimes it is necessary for a patient to have more than one cleaning session to remove diseased pulp, and the presence of pain may indicate this.

Why Are Patients So Concerned About Root Canal Treatment Pain?

In years gone by, root canal treatments were known to be very painful procedures, and thus for a long time, patients really tried to avoid them. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry however, dentists are in a much better position to offer patients comfortable root canal procedures that protect them from future pain and re-infection.

At Top Health Dental we also understand that the patient who needs a root canal treatment has already experienced a fair degree of pain and really has no interest in increasing their threshold further.

Many patients may be ready to have their tooth extracted, but at Top Health Dental saving the tooth is our priority and we aim to assist patients in the most comfortable manner possible. Removing a tooth has consequences such as shifting teeth and bone loss in the jaw.


What Kind Of Pain Should You Expect After Root Canal Treatment?

Any pain you experience after your procedure should improve after treatment, but it is a good idea to chew on the opposite side of your mouth in the days following your surgery. Avoiding very hot and cold food and drinks will also make the recovery period more comfortable.

In the three days after the procedure it is normal to experience some discomfort and swelling. This is even more likely to be present if your infected tooth was very painful or swollen prior to the procedure.

Make sure your dental hygiene is impeccable, brushing and flossing twice daily to ensure your mouth stays infection- and cavity-free.


Is It Worth Having Root Canal Therapy?

Absolutely! Did you know that root canal procedures have a 95% success rate? Many of the teeth that we restore through root canal treatment last for the rest of the patients’ lives. Saving your tooth is always preferable to losing it and experiencing problems with your bite later on.

Don’t allow the threat of root canal pain deter you from seeking treatment. Top Health Dental is here to help. Please contact our practice for the most convenient appointment: (02) 8776 3232