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Thanks to the convenient availability of professional in-chair and take-home whitening treatments, there’s no need to resort to teeth whitening in Bali to improve the quality of your smile. Top Health Dental is pleased to offer our patients the affordable and effective Pola whitening treatments for a brighter, whiter smile.


How Does A Teeth Whitening Treatment Work?

After your dentist applies a whitening product to the surface of your teeth, the product is broken into oxygen ions and water. The oxygen ions penetrate the tooth enamel and lift the stained molecules, making them smaller and removing their colour. This makes it possible for the stained molecules to be flushed away by the saliva in your mouth.


Safe, Affordable Teeth Whitening Treatment

When we offer our patients a Pola teeth whitening treatment, we know that we can expect whitening results that are natural-looking. Both Pola’s professional in-chair whitening and take-home treatments will achieve your desired shade of whitening – the biggest difference really is the amount of time it takes to whiten your teeth.

Your regular dental check-ups are a good time to discuss teeth whitening with your dentist, because it’s important to have a dental cleaning before each whitening treatment. This ensures you have a nice and even whitening result, and that your teeth are free of tartar and decay before you proceed with treatment.

Together you will consult the Pola whitening shade guide and find the shade that your teeth currently are, as well as the shade you would like to whiten your teeth to.

Depending on how quickly you need your teeth whitened, your dentist will either recommend Pola Office (if you have less time and need your smile whitened for a specific date) or Pola Day/Night (if time is not a factor and you are happy to wait a few days before expecting to see results.

Pola’s teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide ranging from 3% to 37.5%. 

The take-home range can be worn during the day or at night and contains a range of 10% to 25% hydrogen peroxide.

Professional in-chair teeth whitening that is carried out by your dentist can usually make use of bleaching agents that contain up to 37.5% hydrogen peroxide.

This means that our patients are always satisfied with the outcomes of a whitening treatment, and they’re often surprised at how quickly the results can be achieved. Patients who opt for in-chair treatments administered by our friendly dentist can often whiten their smiles in a quick lunch break – and usually head back to work straight afterwards.

The fact that there are so many options available for patients on today’s market, makes this form of cosmetic dentistry so much more accessible and convenient – and it really negates the need for dental tourism, and traveling to countries like Bali in search of cheap dental treatment.


Reasons You Don’t Need To Resort To Teeth Whitening in Bali

Pola’s range of teeth whitening products makes it easy and affordable to have a whiter smile. And who wouldn’t want that – a bright and healthy smile really is the cornerstone of youth and confidence. 


Achieve the smile you want in just one hour

There’s no need for busy flights or complex travel arrangements when all you need to organise is a lunch break appointment with your Top Health dentist.


Decide what kind of teeth whitening treatment you want

If you’d prefer to whiten at home, you have the option of the take-home kits that can be worn at night or during the day. If you’re too busy to make a trip to the dentist for your treatment, you can whiten safely from the comfort of your own home.


Affordable and safe whitening treatments

Choose a whitening treatment that suits your budget without incurring the expenses that a trip to Bali would cost you. Take comfort in the knowledge that Pola’s track record is testament to its safety, and that your teeth will be protected while they are being whitened.


Pola is available in Australia

Perhaps a few decades ago, patients had limited access to whitening products and it made sense to look to more exotic locations in order to have cheap access to whitening products. Today, Pola is easily available from your local Top Health dentist giving you full control over the process. Your dentist will discuss and a maintenance and top-up package with you, to ensure your teeth retain their newly whitened look.


If you still think teeth whitening in Bali is an option, or would like to find out more about our range of teeth whitening treatments, please get in touch with us: (02) 8776 3232.