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It’s so quick and easy to have your teeth whitened in Australia, there’s no need to consider teeth whitening in Phuket. Years ago there may have been a limited number of teeth whitening options in Australia, but today there are a number of reputable brands offering high quality, safe teeth whitening treatments in Australia, that are price-competitive – which means you have no need to resort to dental tourism in places like Phuket Thailand, in order to achieve a whiter smile.


Understanding Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a major industry and there are a number of reputable systems on the market that offer patients a whiter smile. Many of them require only one session and can be completed within 45 to 60 minutes, meaning a lot of patients can dash out during their lunch hour, and return to work straight afterwards.

And, unlike more invasive kinds of cosmetic dentistry, with teeth whitening there isn’t really any recovery to consider and you can resume your usual activities quite soon afterwards.


How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Tooth discolouration and staining are grouped into two categories: extrinsic staining and intrinsic staining

Extrinsic stains are those that appear on the outside of your teeth and are caused by what you expose your teeth to – like coffee, cola and red wine, as well as tobacco and certain antidepressant medications.

Intrinsic discolouration happens on the inside of the teeth, in the dentin, and is a natural consequence of ageing. The only way to address intrinsic staining is to use professional teeth whitening products that contain a high concentration of bleaching agent.

How Modern Whitening Systems Can Help?

Modern whitening systems have been developed to deliver exactly what modern patients need: a fast and effective whitening solution that brightens teeth safely. Remember: that in order for the whitening agent to bleach your teeth it must penetrate your tooth enamel. The really good whitening products protect your teeth against sensitivity and remineralise while they whiten.

Can Teeth Whitening in Phuket Last?

How long the effects of your whitening treatment will last will depend on what you expose your teeth to, and the amount of exposure they have. Your brighter smile won’t last forever though – and that’s why it really is impractical to travel to places like Phuket Thailand for teeth whitening. If you want to have a top up treatment for an event it makes sense to have your teeth whitening in Australia.


Why It’s Better To Have Teeth Whitening Done In Australia

Some patients believe dental tourism to be beneficial because they claim to be able to take a trip and have dental treatment in exotic locations like Phuket Thailand, Bali and Hong Kong for the same price as just having the dental treatment in Australia. And, while cosmetic dentistry procedures are common, patients are willing to try it for major procedures like dental implants too.

While we acknowledge that cost savings are a very attractive prospect, the risks associated with going to a foreign location like Phuket, Thailand for a dental procedure far outweigh the perceived financial benefits – especially now that there are so many good teeth whitening systems available, and at affordable prices. Patients who don’t want to have in-office whitening can opt for the take home trays, which may take a little longer to show results, but which are generally more cost effective, while still offering the same level of safety while whitening.


Why It’s Best To Have Your Whitening Done By Your Dentist?

Your dentist is best positioned to give you dental advice – whether it relates to general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or more specialised procedures. Your dentist should also give you a check up and cleaning before you do any kind of whitening treatment.

Firstly your dentist must check the condition of your teeth and gums and make sure that they are suitable for whitening by looking for any signs of decay, chips or cracks in the enamel. Secondly your dentist needs to remove any signs of plaque or tartar so that your final whitened result is even.

If you have any queries, want to have a tooth looked at, or experience any kind of side effect, it is so much easier if you can return to your local dentist In Ryde for the appropriate care.

And while Phuket in Thailand may be a great holiday destination, it’s probably best experienced just like that – on holiday. If you’d like to restore confidence, brighten your smile and whiten your teeth safely, you can do it right here in Ryde. Please contact us to find out exactly why you don’t need to resort to teeth whitening in Phuket: (02) 8776 3232.